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Scientific Advisors


Children’s Progress is guided by a team of renowned scientific advisors. This dedicated team ensures that our academic assessments continue to incorporate cutting-edge validated research from the fields of psychology, computer science, education and statistics. We help bring this knowledge from the research laboratory to your classrooms.

  • Professor Eugene Galanter: Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Children's Progress
  • Christopher Camacho, PhD.: Director of Science and Research, Children's Progress
  • Professor Herman Chernoff: Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics, MIT and Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Harvard University
  • Drew Gitomer, PhD: Distinguished Presidential Appointee at Educational Testing Service
  • Professor Julian Hochberg: Professor of Experimental Psychology at Columbia University and member of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Sam Madden, PhD: Assistant Professor, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Thomas Maguire, PhD: Immediate Past President of the Educational Records Bureau
  • Professor George Miller: Director of the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory, Princeton University and member of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Arthur Levine, PhD: President, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
  • Michael Nettles, PhD: Senior Research Director, Educational Testing Service
  • Dean Robert Sternberg: Dean of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Psychology, and Director of the Psychology of Abilities, Competencies, and Expertise (PACE) Center, Tufts University