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Dr. Drew Gitomer

Dr. Gitomer is a Distinguished Presidential Appointee at Educational Testing Service, and a former Senior Fellow at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago. Dr. Gitomerís current research interests include policy and evaluation issues related to teacher education, licensure, induction, and professional development as well as the design of assessments, particularly that those that support the improvement of instruction.


Dr. Gitomer earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh in 1984, and joined ETS in 1985, where he was a Senior Vice President. He joined NORC in 2004, returning to ERB in 2006. Dr. Gitomer was the project co-director of Arts PROPEL, a portfolio assessment effort involving middle and high school teachers and students in music, visual arts, and writing. He co-directed several NSF-sponsored projects focusing on alternative conceptions of assessment in science education. Dr. Gitomer also led an effort to develop an interactive video-based intelligent tutoring system to help users develop skill in technical troubleshooting. He is currently engaged in work examining efforts to improve the effectiveness of the teaching force.

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