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Our Mission

Insights for Educators. Success for Students.


Can you imagine a single assessment that is fun for children, practical and easy to use for teachers and informative for school administrators?

At Children’s Progress, we have made that dream a reality.

We are devoted to helping schools foster learning for students in the early grades. Our staff combines innovative technology with research and expertise in child psychology to offer schools solutions that are science-based, classroom-tested and teacher-approved.

"We named our company Children's Progress because we believe that it is critical for every teacher to understand and monitor the growth in each child's learning. We must give teachers the tools that will help them make informed decisions about their students so that each teacher can make progress every day with every child."

Eugene Galanter,
Professor Emeritus at Columbia University
Co-Founder of Children's Progress

Each child has a unique learning profile. Our mission is to equip educators with key insights to unlock those profiles and help every student achieve success.

Typical tests or “summative assessments” can only tell you whether a child has answered a question correctly or incorrectly. Like a ruler, such tests can only measure how much a child’s learning has grown; they can do nothing to help it grow further. In contrast, our formative assessments do much more than merely measure each child’s scores. Like nutrients for a tree, our questions provide targeted hints or “scaffolding” to help a child master a concept that he or she is on the verge of learning. Our assessments are grounded in decades of research and designed to enrich the educational experience for children at all levels.

We believe educators deserve to have the best tools at their disposal to help nurture and develop each child’s potential. This is why we provide detailed reports and recommended instructional activities with our assessments - helping teachers drive learning every day!

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